Lisa Ridgers

Lisa Ridgers was born in Shoreham-By-Sea on England’s South Coast in September 1968. Lisa has developed her own unique style using acrylic paints together with a range of mediums and techniques that, by their very contradiction, create a harmonious, fresh look.

The diversity found in nature and in different cultures forms Lisa’s inspiration, and the shapes and contours of her surroundings are translated onto her canvas as colors, compositions and concepts. It is her hope to provide the viewer with a tranquil pause from everyday life through her creations, and to provide a visual catalyst to bring the viewer into the present moment, if only for a brief time. But overall, Lisa feels that a sense of truth, fairness and simplicity “. . . is probably the most important thing – to represent oneself and one’s work from the heart.”

After living fourteen years in the Arizona desert, Lisa has recently relocated to the Midwest and has become a U.S. citizen. Lisa has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, and her work can be found in both corporate and private collections in Europe, Canada and the United States.