Liz Jardine

Liz Jardine grew up in New York City. As an undergraduate student at the State University of New York in Buffalo, Liz concentrated on textile design and clay forms. There, she developed an interest in incorporating fibers into porcelain wall pieces. The resulting series was displayed in an exceptional solo exhibition granted her before graduation by the University. Upon graduation, Jardine began apprenticeship at various textile and design studios in the New York City area. Many of her raw silk garment designs were sold through Horton Studio at several designer boutiques including Henri Bendel.

Liz’s favorite medium is collage of transparent imagery, combined with translucent water-based mediums. She paints from the heart, and she believes her collectors can feel her love of the pigments and the composition; and the enthusiasm and passion that illuminates her works. Says Liz, “When people meet me, they say that they knew I’d be a happy person from the way they experience my work—and I am!” In the future, Liz would love to explore photography, and integrate it into her canvases. She is constantly experimenting and buying new art supplies and mediums that she can use in her work.