Ken Gangbar

Discovery. Intuition. And the exploration of what lies just below the surface.

These are the themes that guide our creative process.

The result? A collision of innovation and creativity, at the intersection of the natural and the industrial.

Our installations have been commissioned by private and corporate clients from New York to Kuala Lumpur. And our sculptural pieces can be found in the world’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants, from Doha to San Diego, and from Hong Kong to Toronto; the city where it all began for Ken Gangbar 17 years ago, after graduating from Sheridan College’s School of Craft and Design.

We began with ceramics, because of its unique properties and versatile applications. Since then, we have branched out beyond ceramics, to explore the possibilities found within wood, steel, glass, and composite resins.

This is our mantra.

We are inspired by the cyclical patterns and intricate compositions of the natural world. We thrive on spontaneity, and the spirit of experimentation made possible by fearlessness.

We strive to emulate the abstract found in the organic.