Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo has a profound interest in the abstract. His paintings are visual celebrations of both the artist’s admiration for the “unpredictable and inexhaustible record of life” and the very freedom with which it is all expressed.

In his passion to convey an emotion, a place or any image that may have stirred his memory, Adamo abandons the monotony of conventional subject matter in favor of vibrancy, spontaneity and organic brushwork. His uncanny ability to marry sophisticated geometric spatial relationships to raw and emotional use of colour, texture and form lends his pieces optimism and strength.

What is clearly in evidence is the artist’s delight in the unbridled expression of feelings and emotions rather than illustration; sensation, not reason; intuition, not rational forethought: “I have to paint to speak without words, to express myself without restrictions…never relenting.” Adamo is an art professor and has been the subject of a television series devoted to important Italo-Canadian artists