Healthcare Facilities

Urgent Care Centers/Doctor’s Offices

Our focus in selecting artwork, or murals, to decorate an exam room or doctor’s office is to make it welcoming.  We thoughtfully consider the use of the space, the durability needed and the impact the artwork will make.   Studies have shown that artwork can ease anxiety in patients.  In addition it enhances a work environment that can often be sterile and uninviting.

The best time to begin selecting artwork for a new office or urgent care center is in the interior planning stages.   We work from your blueprints and can make thoughtful recommendations on furniture placement and artwork selection.  Planning for a large mural or wall to ceiling graphics is important to begin early – and allow proper time for wall preparation as well as drying time.  That said, the above mural was installed in eight hours (including painting of the walls).  There was no disruption to a busy schedule of patient care, the project was complete before the center opened in the morning.

See more samples of artwork.




Sourcing artwork for hospitals and administrative offices present a unique set of challenges.  Like all commercial artwork:  durability, security hangars and longevity of product are extremely important.  The challenge is providing this list under budget.  We work to bring you the quality and consistency you expect with pricing that fits your budget.

We work with your facilities managers and interior designer to:

  • Source Artwork
  • Print
  • Frame/Mount
  • Install

All within your budget parameters.  Samples of our work.


Assisted Living / Nursing Homes

All artwork that is placed in a healthcare facility has to be special.  It has to last, it has to be comforting, and it has to inspire.  We are always honored to work on these projects and we take great pride in our work.

Our Service includes:

  • Full Interior Design Concept & Plans
  • Sourcing of furniture, wall and floor coverings
  • Installation

See samples of our work.

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