Framed jerseys in basement

Do you have a sports jersey hanging in your closet that you no longer wear? An object such as metals that are important to you? Frame them!

Custom Framed Car Emblems

Create interesting wall décor by framing something that you treasure! Professional framers are especially talented when it comes to creating art from your keepsakes. It is a great way to preserve the objects that you love while allowing them to be on display. This way you get to enjoy seeing them on a regular basis and they become part of your décor. It sure beats keeping them in a drawer or closet hidden away and many times forgotten.

War Metals Custom Framed

Military Metals custom framed by Rider Frames & Gallery

Army Air Corp Documents custom framed

United States Army Air Corp Documents custom framed by Rider Frames & Gallery.

Rider Frames & Gallery specializes in memorabilia framing. With over 30 years of experience we have framed many different and unusual objects including war medals, sports medals, christening gowns, old record albums, old pieces of jewelry and much more. Check out some more of our custom framing work below!


Silver platter custom framed by Rider Frames & Gallery



Don’t think it can be framed? Of course it can! Come meet with a designer at Rider Frames & Gallery today so we can preserve what’s most important to you! What’s on your wall? Visit us at for more details.