What does artwork do for a room?

Art sets the tone and mood in the space. It adds color and interest; many times creating a focal point for the room.

"River City" by Adamo

“River City” by Artist Adamo; view artwork at www.riderframesandgallery.com

Artwork is a wonderful source of color in the décor. Color is one of the elements that influences your mood and sets the tone for the space.

Artwork will work to create an emotional environment. We love an image because of the way it makes us feel! Bold colors make us feel upbeat and excited; while soft colors create a feeling of tranquility. All of these emotional elements can be found in the individual way the artist uses color and form. Check out the images below for some examples.

"I am Fall" by Boucher

“I Am Fall” by Boucher; view artwork at www.riderframesandgallery.com

Bold, bright colors in the piece above will brighten up your space and create an uplifting environment.

"October Golds by Stefan

“River City” by Artist Stefan; view artwork at www.riderframesandgallery.com

The calm colors in the landscape above create a tranquil environment.

Art is an expression of your unique style. It allows you to display works that relate to your passion! Enjoy finding your style while viewing the artists Rider Frames & Gallery represents on the artist’s page. What’s on your wall? Visit us at http://www.riderframesandgallery.com for more details.